Your Digital Identity

Own it - Manage it - Control it

Own Your Identity

You are in control, declare your own identifying attributes.
Set your e-mail, bloodtype, preferred foods, ...

You are You

You should be in full control of who you claim to be. Juru allows you to declare everything that defines you: from the color of your hair to your best book.

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Manage Your Trust

We allow you to define yourself, and we enable others to prove your claims.
If others vouch for you, your trust around the globe increases.

Trust in others as they trust in you

Doing business anywhere in the world becomes easy when you can forward your trust.  Juru allows you to do just that!

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Control Your Privacy

Share only what you want.
Only with who you want.

Incognito or not?

Today your data is out there for the world to see. Large corporates acquire your data, and use it as they please. Juru puts an end to that.

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The Ultimate GDPR tool

Using Juru at your company allows you to manage the personal data of both your customers and your employees with total respect for their privacy.

On top of that, the data you have on your customers is always up to date!

Dynamic Teams

Juru supports dynamic teams out of the box.  You can assign access rights to teams and team managers can delegate to their team's members.

Reduce the time you spend managing your access rights, and focus on the job at hand.

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